How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery!

Most people go about it the wrong way in trying to learn how to win the lottery. They just buy their lottery ticket each time, on auto pilot hoping to win, when in reality, subconsciously, they are thinking and know they haven’t got a chance in hell of winning it.

The average person doesn’t know they can increase the odds of winning , with a bit of inside knowledge. There is in fact more to it than just paying your money and taking the ticket, hoping it’s going to be you who wins that big jackpot.

In this site, you will learn some useful tips and ideas to drastically increase your odds of winning the lottery.

Read on and win! 🙂 …


How To Win The Lottery

Play Lotteries With Smaller Jackpots

Some of you may have frowned at this suggestion, but if you’re really focused on winning, you’ll realize that smaller jackpots have smaller amounts of people playing them. The less people there are playing, the more your chances at winning increases. Conceptually, the thought of a smaller jackpot might make you feel like you’re missing out on the bigger pot of money, but if you’ve spent past attempts trying to hit for several million and haven’t made as much as a few thousand, it’s safe to say it’s time to switch up your technique.


Avoid Number Combinations That Have Been Drawn Before

In most cases, figuring out the magic formula means watching the numbers that have previously appeared. If you’re paying attention as you should, you’d be recording the winning combinations, taking note of recent number patterns, and committing to playing numbers that are a combination of trending numbers and numbers that you haven’t seen come up at all.

Remember To Box Your Numbers

If you’re playing a lottery that requires numbers to be won in a particular sequence, boxing your numbers is a great approach to win the lottery. In this scenario, no matter what sequence your numbers are in, if they come up, you are a guaranteed winner no matter what.


Have faith and believe you will win the lottery. The majority of people hope, or deep down don’t believe they will win. Try to get into a positive state when choosing your numbers, go for your gut feeling when choosing your numbers, then expect to win, know you have the jackpot ticket, and release that thought into the universe, that’s an affirmation in winning the lottery.

Know How To Win


Knowing how to win the lottery requires a keen understanding of the science behind analyzing numbers. One’s ability to embrace that concept, while obliging the idea that luck takes a back seat to winning the lottery in most cases, equips potential lottery winners to be just that: winners who’ve proven that they have the knowledge to win the lottery.


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Your Ticket To Fortune

Questions about how to win the lottery have dominated conversations in households across the world for centuries. For those of middle or lower classes who grind every day to provide for their families, thoughts surrounding the subject are most often one’s euphoric way out of financial hardship.

Lotto players range from those who spend hundreds of dollars per week to hit big, to the occasional player who’ll wait until the money prize is exceptionally large. No matter which category you fall into, knowing how to play effectively is a desire that many people have, but that few people have actually managed to master.

How To Win The Lottery


The misconception that most people have about how to play the lottery is that you have to be lucky to win. Of course

There are some lucky individuals out there that get lucky at times, but for the most part the winners you see on television with the huge smile and even larger check are the ones who have studied the art of how to win the lottery, and in studying, have learned to position themselves for winning outcomes.

If you, like most of the people in the world, have set your sights on discovering how to win the lottery, read the suggested techniques below:

Start With The Vision

As ludicrous as this might sound, you’ll find many winners who’ve said that they used visualization as a technique regarding how to win the the jackpot.

Whether visualization works or not has yet to be scientifically proven, but we are certain that the optimism surrounding the potential win couldn’t possibly hurt.

Be Persistent

If you’ve already mastered the visualization aspect of how to win the lottery, it is time to put your money where your mouth is.

If you know you’re going to win, your actions should follow suite. Playing the lottery on a weekly, or better yet daily basis might be deemed an obsession by some, but by others, past winners included, that faux obsession is seen for what it really is: a determination to win what you’ve already visualized belongs to you.

How To Win The Lottery

Develop A System

Luck is always welcomed when pin pointing techniques on how to win the lottery, but in the probable case that luck isn’t a factor for you, it is suggested that you develop a system when playing the lottery.

In no scenario should you pick numbers just to be picking them. Instead, you should familiarize yourself with numbers and how they work.

If numbers aren’t your strong suite, get with a friend who understands logic and probability, and you’ll be that much closer to having an understanding about how to win.

Pick Your Numbers Based On Trends

If your focus is truly on winning,  then it should also be on the trends of the winning numbers.

Less about luck, and mostly about numbers and probability, while you’re checking daily to see if you’ve hit it big, you should also be recording the numbers that are winning and see if you can identify a pattern.

Understanding how to win the lottery is understanding that the more strategic your approach is to winning, the more successful you are prone to be in achieving that goal.

Pool Your Money

Want to know the best, most cost effective technique regarding how to win the lottery? Pool your money toward the winning ticket!

By pooling with multiple people, you increase your overall chances of not only hitting the jackpot, but saving a little money in the process.

Of course some take the approach of putting hundreds of their own dollars into the lottery on a weekly basis, but the smarter approach of how to win the lottery is getting with a group of people you trust.

Deciding on an amount that you all can invest, and creating an agreement that binds each individual by law to do whatever they say they are going to do in regards to their investment creating an agreed combined way of how to win.

How To Win The Lottery

Partner With Positive People

As with most situations, if a person isn’t positive, you’d probably prefer for them not to be with you.

The same notion goes for approaches to how to win the lottery. If you’re taking the above suggestion of pooling your money, be sure to partner with people who share the same optimism as you regarding winning the lottery.

Surround yourself with people who are willing to be just as persistent as you are, and in the very likely cases that they don’t hit it big, the positivity stays high and the determination to win even higher.


Final Tips


Some of the guess work is reduced in figuring out how to win by using an online lottery calculator to determine your best bet

A few tips is to try to avoid consecutive numbers, like 6, 7, 8, choose a good mix of odd and even numbers, try not to pick number multiples, like 9, 18, 27, avoid the same last digit, like 14, 24, 34

Don’t choose numbers based on birthdays, because no date has a number above 31, which means any numbers above 31 are excluded, hence reducing the odds on winning.

Look at previous lottery numbers to see which numbers have come up most frequently, and to see if there are any patterns or sequences to enable you to discover how to win the lottery.


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The odds of winning the lottery are usually higher with scratch cards

A survey of millionaires showed they considered themselves as being lucky or optimistic and a big amount of lottery winners said they always knew how to win the lottery

If you choose your own numbers, or pick the same numbers each time, consider allowing the machine to pick your number, a good proportion of lottery winners have managed to learn how to win the lottery this way

If you’re still trying to figure out how to win the lotto, then maybe it’s a mind thing, most people subconsciously don’t believe they will win the lottery, as soon as they have bought the ticket, go in with a high expectation of winning, expect and intend to win!

Good luck in winning that BIG one!


















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